I am so glad you are here!

No seriously, my job is the coolest ever because I get to meet awesome people like you! Every single person I photograph has a special story - whether it is your first home together, your wedding day, your first baby, I photograph every special memory you allow me to. I specialize in weddings but I photograph everything in between, if there is a memory to be captured I am your girl. So take a seat, grab a coffee, and have a look around! If you have any questions, just hit my contact me page and let me know how I can help. I can't wait to meet you.




Every single session I get booked, has one main goal: to have fun! During your session I will play music, we will dance, we will laugh and share stories. It's not just a, "Okay, look at the camera, smile!" I get to know you, I learn about you, your family and your loved ones. If you come to me and book a family session, get ready for bear hunts, running, exploring and tickle fights. If you come to me and book an engagement session, get ready for cuddles, kisses, more exploring, and really showing what your love is all about. This is not just a job, this is my passion, my fuel and my art. I want you to enjoy your time with me just as much as I enjoy it with you. I have one price for hour sessions and multiple wedding packages, for more information shoot me an email (contact me page has everything you need to unleash all your questions).




Weddings are my jam..my bread and butter…my fire. It is important that I tell your story and do it justice, so I really take time to get each and every detail right. I have multiple different packages that fits you just right…but it’s important that I fit you just right as well!

Before you choose a package I will always have a consultation with you and your fiancee, we can go grab a coffee or we can meet over skype/facetime. I want to know you, I want to have a connection with you and I want to hear all about your special day! I will be spending more time with you than you know, so it's important that we connect, vibe, and understand each other. Your wedding day can not be repeated, so these photos are the most important part of the whole shebang. I want to do your story justice and get that love and emotion across the right way…trust me, we will both cry at your wedding.