Baby Fever

Monday's are HARD, and slow, and tiring. Sometimes, Monday's are just a real drag, but when you get to edit pictures of newborn little baby girls...well, Monday's aren't so bad. Amelia was such a pleasure to photograph, and her big sister Adeline was so proud. When I say Fresh 48's are some of my very favorites, I mean it. It brings me back to when my boys were newborns...the smell, the exhaustion, the pride. All things that I regret not having photographed, which is why I offer this session. The days after having a baby are so blurry and everything moves so fast, a lot of detail gets lost in the mix. I was honored to be able to capture these sweet moments for the Fox family, love just radiates off these guys and also I needed a little baby fix. My husband is in trouble with all of these newborn baby girls that I have gotten to photograph. Commence baby fever for everyone.


Happy Monday!

Kenzie Pearce