This Land is Payden's Land

I know I always say, "The love these two have for each other is amazing." But really, I have the most amazing clients who teach me about love and grace every time I meet them. Dennis and Payden are one of those couples who is just so in love that they are completely and wonderfully whole. Together they make the sweetest, funniest, silliest pair. They were constantly giggling to each other and making each other glow - each time he touched her she shone like the sun. It really makes my job so easy - it's not hard to photograph a couple who is comfortable with each other, I just act like I'm not even there. Which is what I did the majority of their wedding. The ceremony was in the most AMAZING church, huge stained glass windows right behind them as they vowed their love to each other. It brought tears to my eyes - and her father tearing up the whole day did NOT help (thanks a lot Tony for making me reapply my mascara 5 times). ON TOP OF THE MOST AMAZING BEAUTIFUL CEREMONY LOCATION, their reception area was right next to a creek covered in magnolia trees and tall oaks. The entire day was filled with little details of each other's love...Dennis had the delivery guy repeat a message to Payden of how excited he was to marry her at lunch...COME ON DENNIS!! Still so obsessed with how obsessed you two are with each other and I am sending all of my love to you both! 

Kenzie Pearce