Finally a Latham

Buckle your seat belts guys…this one is going to be a doozy. Actually, the next three weddings I am going to be blogging and total and complete mushy love madness. If you don’t like crying…or emotions make you uncomfortable, this is not the place for you.

I don’t even know where to begin with Kenedee and Mason’s wedding day. I guess I could start off by saying that every time I sat down to edit it..I cried. I would have to take literal “breathers” because I can’t control my happy tears. Some weddings are just hard to finish, because that means it’s the end. This wedding is one that I don’t want to finish, I don’t want it to be over…but I can’t hold them to myself anymore.

Mason and Kenedee’s day started out a little chaotic, one of the bridesmaids had gotten into a wreck (she is okay and well!) and the rain was coming down pretty hard. Understandably everyone was a little nervous, but those thunderstorm skies make my heart soar. That, mixed with the beautiful historical Grace Museum, was the perfect setting for their wedding day. Leading up to their ceremony, Mason guaranteed that he would NOT cry…he lied. When those doors swung open and he saw his bride, the tears started rolling…and honestly I was also sobbing (but are you even surprised?). His grandfather officiated the ceremony and when HE even started crying..there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire town of Abilene. I wish I could explain how their love feels. I wish I could do it justice (hopefully you see it through their photos) but the way it makes you feel…it’s encompassing. It fills your lungs with a sugar air, it is one of the sweetest loves.

The rest of the day they were constantly laughing together, as you do on your wedding day. It was so much fun…it’s fun to be around two people who are obsessed with each other honestly. I can’t thank them enough for letting me in, letting me witness and be a part of this day. Your love will always be one that touches me deeply, I love you guys so much.

Kenzie Pearce