Heading for Jacques

I needed to emotionally prepare myself for this blog…because this story is such a rich and heavy love that it just touches your heart in all of the right places. Jamie has had one heck of a year, and this man right here hasn’t budged one bit. The rock that stood firm in the largest of storms, a love that can withstand anything.

I want to tread lightly here because it’s important not to focus on this one point…it’s the ending that is really important here…it’s the wedding and the love that is the story. Jamie’s step father found out he had cancer a few months before the wedding and unfortunately didn’t make it to see her walk down the aisle in person. I do know that Steve was so present in that day, in every person who knew him and loved him…in every story told about him and the butterfly that followed me the entire time I was carrying her dress to photograph it and back (I could just hear him saying, “Don’t you dare get that dress dirty Kenzie, it has to be PERFECT for Jamie”).

Through all of that heartache and grief, Caleb was Jamie’s leaning post…her stable ground. It was all so obvious…from the little note he wrote on the bottom of her wedding shoes, to Jamie crying and talking about how she was the luckiest girl and how he is her very best friend. Their entire day was filled with so much happiness and joy, completely revolving around them and their love for each other. I cried with her multiple times, sometimes about the past few months, sometimes about her and Caleb’s love for each other, and sometimes just because we were laughing so hard. They were SO surrounded by love, so many friends and family came together to hold them tight in this amazing circle of warmth. It was such an amazing thing to witness, and I am so lucky I got to be there. Every detail was perfect, her hair and makeup perfected by Megan Williamson, her dress by the amazing Lillian West, his socks with Jamie’s face on it…the venue, the cake, the flowers hand crafted by Alanna McNeill…but their reception was a freaking PARTY. Everyone danced, Jamie even dropped it reeaalll low (living for it!!), the speeches were filled with emotion and love. It was the absolute PERFECT day.

These weddings aren’t just “another” wedding to me, they are stories and I have to do them justice. I get so emotionally attached to all of my couples and their lives that I weep at their weddings. I weep while I edit and I weep while I write their blogs.

Caleb and Jamie, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to tell your love story and document your lives, THANK YOU for opening your arms and letting me witness yet another love so strong and so bright that it shifts the way I see the world. Congratulations and I will see you for a coffee date soon.