Jamie & Caleb - The Dreamiest Engagement

There is nothing more in this world that makes my heart soar, than fast food and adventurous clients. The majority of the time, when we start planning your engagement session, you will hear me say at least once, "Okay, this is going to sound crazy, and it involved a little hike..."

Let me tell you something, IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT!! Sometimes the locations I find are an hour or two outside of town, sometimes they are smack dab in the middle of it. As long as you trust me, and our joint goal is to get some really amazing photos, then the adventure is only a small part of the session.

When Caleb and Jamie hired me for their wedding, we instantly started talking about their engagement session. What was their style? What was her vision? How did my vision fit in with theirs? It isn't just an instant, "Okay, see you guys on X date for your engagements!" There are so many plans to be made like, what to wear, find a location, incorporate the relationship and how to bring out their personalities. It was immediately clear to me that I had to contact Stephanie Childers who owns 41 Creek Ranch. Jamie and Caleb were up for a hike, wanted engagements that stood out from everyone else's and our goal was to make it breathtaking. If you haven't had a chance to check out 41 Creek Ranch, you are MISSING OUT!! Stephanie is so sweet and 100% up for hosting us for an hour. Their location is mind blowing, it is one of the tallest points of Abilene so you can only imagine the views we were getting. Full of greenery and hills and beautiful red dirt...my photographer heart was SO HIGH. They have it laid out so there is actually, quite a bit of space to roam and have guests (If I wasn't able to get married on my mother's land, 41 Creek Ranch would have been my very next choice.) The lighting you get up there is absolutely stunning.


Jamie and Caleb were awesome, up for anything I asked them to do and helped keep the mood light and fun. These little sweethearts were just doting on each other the entire time! I hardly had to direct them at all. I had such an amazing time at this session, and I am so grateful for all of my adventurous clients. It seriously pays to trust the vision, trust the location and have fun!

Kenzie Pearce