Joey + Kristen = Magic

Joey and Kristen have been some pretty awesome friends to me over the last few years, so when they asked me to do their engagement session I jumped on it! Then, when Joey started explaining what their vision was...well...I almost died from excitement.

It's not every day that you have a couple who ASKS for a lifestyle's still a fairly new concept to people. I always offer it, because it is the most amazing, raw, real and perfectly "you" type of session there could ever be. There is nothing more unique than me coming into your home, your space, and photographing you in your element. It is also a huge honor to be able to take a peek into my couple's real lives - there is a little bit of vulnerability there that I do not take lightly. That vulnerability is what makes spectacular images, it's what lights the fire and causes that wow factor. Kristen and Joey both wanted a session that was unapologetically "them"...and boy did they get it.


Joey and I met in the "golden days", when we had no responsibility and our twenties were right at our feet. He has always been a drummer, so our pack of friends usually went to where he was playing music. To say that Joey is a great guy, is an understatement...he is one of the greatest friends and humans I have been blessed to meet. When he met Kristen, I instantly knew we would be great friends as well. Kirsten is bright and warm, arms wide open when she sees a new face. They were each made to perfectly fit into each others lives. I have never seen Joey so happy than when he is around her, and obviously Kristen just lights up like a lightbulb. It's the kind of love that you wish all of your loved ones had. 

Their session was an overnighter actually, a slumber party if you would. I got to their apartment a little after noon and gossiped for a bit with Kristen. Once Joey got home I started clicking away - they got dressed, we made plans for dinner and off we went. The entire time I was watching every move they made, photographing those longing stares, light touches, giggles and full belly laughs. After dinner we went to grab a few beers to take back to the apartment and play a game of Clue with our other good friend Levi. The night was filled with laughs, and old stories and of course my camera shutter going off. The next morning I woke them up and we had a sweet lifestyle session. Their morning routine, their daily life...but seen from a different angle. They had an AWESOME album collection so we obviously played some music, they had coffee and it was bliss. It was a perfect engagement session for two people madly and unapologetically in love.


Congrats again you two little lovebirds!!

Kenzie Pearce