Zach + Jaclyn || Enchanted Rock

Fredericksburg - I LOVE YOU! Zach and Jaclyn were up for the adventure for their engagement session and drove all the way from Abilene to Fredericksburg to hike, smell flowers and get some ice cream with me. The weather turned out to be perfect, every location we went to was amazing and it was the best day!

Our first stop was at the beautiful Wildberry Farms - Since Jaclyn is from California, a photo in the poppies was a must! Wandering around was so nice, everything smelt so so so good! Could be my huge pregnant nose but I was in flower heaven! We then went into Fredericksburg and stopped at a cute little ice cream shop - PERFECT! It was kind of hot outside so the cool ice cream was much needed. We then walked around for a bit - this town is too precious to just drive through. We grabbed a peach soda (amazing, 100% recommend) and headed over to Enchanted Rock - just in time for that warm evening light. 

Enchanted Rock is one of the coolest places. The hike isn't really that bad - the views are stunning, the air is clear and fresh. Everything about this place just brings peace to your soul. The only thing cooler than all of that nature - were my two beautiful clients. They hiked up that mountain in their fancy clothes, part of the way Jaclyn hiked in her heels, and they absolutely looked stunning! Meanwhile I was sweating and panting because my big old pregnant belly was also hiking up behind them. There is a reason I am always behind the camera guys, trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight. 

All day these two were flirting and giggling with each other, as most my clients do (love guys, it does silly things) and their photos reflected the joy that had with each other. I love these people, I love my clients, I love my job. You guys make it so worth it - thank you for hiking and traveling with me.

Kenzie Pearce