Weddings in Wimberly

I have to start this off by telling you how Bill and Krystal met, because it is STRAIGHT out of a romantic movie. Krystal was working at Cold Stone Creamery, an ice cream shop - LET ME REPEAT, an ice cream shop. Bill was enamored from the start and would come in every time she worked just to catch a glimpse of her. His mother sold him out and told us that he would buy just a water as an excuse to go in (she found a million receipts in his room) freaking CUTE. Krystal was not having it at first, she would duck down and hide every time she saw him coming, but eventually she agreed to a date. The rest is history, they fell in love and have the most amazing bond I have ever seen. 

Their wedding was drool worthy, every single moment was filled with them gushing over each other. Bill was grinning the entire day, talking about how excited he was to see her, what the rest of their lives were going to be like. It was all so full of love and excitement! The venue was absolutely stunning, if you haven't heard of The Waters Point in Wimberly TX...look them up ASAP. The river runs right behind their property, just perfect, crystal waters right at your door step. The trees were abundant, the deer were friendly and the staff was AMAZING. 

The ceremony was held right at the waters edge, friends and family drove from near and far to be a part of their special day. They didn't have bridesmaids or groomsmen, the focus was all on Bill and Krystal. The wonderful mini horse was a nice touch as a ring bearer - a resident of The Waters Point. I mean, it couldn't get any better..or so I thought. Krystal wanted some really amazing portraits with her and she of course kicked off her shoes and stood in the center of the river. My life became 9 month pregnant behind waded in right after her and Bill. When you get adventurous with your portraits, and you throw all your worries to the get some really beautiful images. The dress and suit can be cleaned...but these images can't be redone. I was living so hard for this moment...and they were only focusing on each other. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about them. 

The rest of the night was filled with great food, impromptu dances, big laughs and lots of love. Could you really ask for more on your wedding day?

Congratulations again and welcome to the rest of your lives Mr. and Mrs. Goedde, I am so excited for you guys!