Hello Lottie!

I don't really get personal on here with everyone, I love my clients and my job so I usually keep my blogs to their stories. I truly love sharing them, I love telling the world about their love and weddings and lives. So I have some news for you - on June 14, 2018 I had a baby!

We are so thrilled and in love with our baby girl, Charlotte Elois is here finally! I am still outnumbered, we have two boys (Cove and Bowen) and we also have a male dog named Duke. We needed a little pink up in this house, sprinkled with a little dirt from her brothers. She is absolutely the sweetest ending to a chapter in our lives, she is our last baby. This is the most bitter-sweet part of this whole ordeal...this is the last time we will have little baby coos and cries in our home. The last time I would ever be pregnant and the last time I will nurse sleepily in the middle of the night. On the other hand it feels so good knowing that I won't ever have to be pregnant again, I truly love being a mom, I was made for it - but I despise being pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for the healthy pregnancies we had and the fact that my body can grow a human is something I don't take lightly. I just really don't enjoy the process, some of you can relate. We are all enjoying this part of life, she is so sweet and wonderful. 

I have been so insanely busy, thankfully, so after two months I am FINALLY showing her off to you! She is the best sleeper, the sweetest cuddler and the coolest chick ever. She enjoys eating, sleeping, randomly screaming and long walks in the house at 3am. The boys just fawn over her, and sometimes love her a little too hard, but are gentle 98% of the time. The adjustment from 2 to 3 kids hasn't been difficult only because my husband is super man and is the glue that holds me together. We are blessed and thankful for the gift we have been given and I am so so grateful for you and your patience. If I respond to your email at 2am, it's only because I am partying it up with my little lady Lottie. 

Kenzie Pearce