Meet the O'Bosky's

The first thing I want to say about Zach and Jaclyn's wedding is - I hope everyone has this much fun on their wedding day. There was not one second that was tense, every moment was filled with smiles and laughter. 

I usually meet my couples over coffee and we bond from there - but Zach was actually our realtor when we moved to Abilene. He is one of the best realtors out there and I highly recommend him (shameless promotion here but he really is amazing!) - so when he came to me about photographing his surprise proposal I was all in! The moment I met Jackie I knew they were absolutely perfect for each other. I photographed their amazing proposal, she obviously said "OF COURSE"  and I was hooked on their love. I know I know...I am a love addict - but theirs just pulls you in. When the wedding planning started I was honored to be able to photograph their engagements and wedding - how can you pass them up?

Jaclyn is a very talented artist, teaching our youth the value of art in the world. She instantly jumped right into all of the details and was completely hands on and vocal about her expectations. I thank her every day for being so open with me because their photos are a complete window into their relationship. I got to watch these really amazing people grow and fall even more in love than they already were when we met. They also trusted big, pregnant me to capture this love and grace they share. 

Now when I say big pregnant, I was 39 weeks pregnant on the day of their wedding, so yes...I sobbed. I cried during their ceremony, I cried during their first dance, I cried while I was photographing her details..and I cried while editing their wedding. Every little tiny detail of their day was specific and purposeful. People flew from California just to witness their devotion - and they also had a Texas two-step lesson during their reception, a really awesome idea and one of my favorite touches. Her flowers were bright and full and perfectly arranged by Fussy Chicks here in Abilene. The Grove at Denton Valley is one of my favorite places to shoot, it's full of trees and far enough outside of town that the stars are clear and bright. Their entire day was perfect, and all of the designing was drool worthy (shout out to Doubleknot Designs) - Kendra and her team made sure the entire set up was on point. I don't understand why Abilene isn't a destination wedding hot spot because our vendors are OUTSTANDING. They all made sure that the O'Bosky wedding was magical - everything from the food to the dancing. The reception itself was an absolute dream to photograph. Jaclyn serenaded Zach with At Last by Etta James (her voice is straight from heaven guys) and Zach wowed the crowd with his mind blowing dancing skills.

It was the most fun filled, loving day I had been a part of in a long time. It never ceases to amaze me how different each of my couples love is..and each time I photograph a wedding I get a new perspective on marriage and what it means to love. 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. O'Bosky - my beautiful friends.