Mason + Kenedee engagements

I want to start this off by saying THANK YOU! Thank you for all of your love and kindness, for supporting me and choosing me. It honestly means the world to me that you guys choose me to photograph your love and lives and babies and I could go on and on. You, the person reading this, you are why I love what I do and am able to keep doing this. The past year has been so life changing and blissful because I have gotten to photograph some of the most amazing and loving people. So thank you...thank you for fueling my fire and being a part of this wild ride!


Now on to Mason and Kenedee - the most darling of darlings. 

These two are high school sweethearts and are the absolute coolest. Mason is a true romantic and proposed to Kenedee in front of their families - completely surprising her. She is a tough one to surprise by the way and he did it all the way down to her ring. We headed out to 41 Creek Ranch here in Abilene for their engagement session - my very favorite place. The weather was absolutely perfect, thunder storm rolling in and it had been raining on and off all day. That probably sounds like a disaster to you, but it is the best time to shoot. Over cast skies create zero shadows, plus with those Texas skies it was gorgeous. The views at the ranch are always stunning, rolling hills and the greenest trees, mixed with the storm equals total bliss. Kenedee has the longest hair ever so I was living for that breeze and their movement. Engagement sessions are so much fun because that is when I really get to know you. We had a little adventure and got some of the most amazing shots - one of my favorite sessions to date. Their wedding is literally 4 weeks away and I can't WAIT!!

You two are so beautiful and special - you deserve the world.