Salter || The Day After

During consultations I talk to you guys about the opportunity to have a “day after” session. I get loads of questions about what exactly that is…well I am about to tell you.

The Day After session is a chance to get back into your wedding outfits, and get extra portraits done of just you two. Why is this so cool? Well, during your wedding day we are on a timeline, so we only have so much time to do your portraits. I always do my very best to get a million amazing images for you guys. During a day after session, you have a full hour, just the two of you with romantic music, adventure and laughs. It really gives you both a good chance to spend time admiring each other. The photos from this day are always unique and fun, we can get a little daring with your portraits and explore. These are my FAVORITE you guys…there is no pressure, none of the “let’s get you guys back because we need to do this and that etc.”

Tyler and Annie took me up on this offer. These two people are so grossly in love with each other so I just KNEW their portraits were going to be amazing. We headed out to my favorite place in the world, 41 Creek Ranch and started with the idea to just wander a bit. There are so many hidden gems on the property that I haven’t gotten the chance to photograph and they were more than willing to indulge my dreams. Lucky me, they are always trusting and believe in my ability so I was in hog heaven. There was no fear of getting the dress dirty so we really went for it. I personally love a dirty dress, my own wedding dress still has dirt on the bottom from dancing and running amuck in my parent’s yard, so I get a little sentimental about a dirty train. The dress can always be cleaned, the dirt can be washed away - so be daring, be trusting, run and roll in the dirt, because these photos are WORTH IT!!

Kenzie Pearce