Riverwalk Wedding - The Bybee's

Oh man, this wedding was a GOOD one. Joey and Kristen are two of my closest friends, so when they asked if I would photograph their wedding day it was an obvious DUH. 100% ready for everything Bybee.

These two are the coolest, warmest and loving people I have ever met…so being a part of their lives is a truly extraordinary experience. These guys got married in San Antonio, the place Kristen’s parents got married on the day of her grandparents anniversary. With so much history to the place and date of their wedding I knew that it was going to hold so much magic.

We started out the day by Joey and I walking around the Riverwalk to scope out some cool spots for their portraits, talking about our mutual excitement for the day and how he is going to feel seeing his new wife for the first time in her dress. The ceremony was being held at The Little Church of La Villita right off the Riverwalk, a historical chapel built in 1879 which is absolutely GORGEOUS. The stained glass, the original wood floors…everything about it screams romantic. As we walked around we picked out spots, continued gossiping and talking about the “good old days”. We walked over to the reception area, The Briscoe Western Art Museum - splendidly modern with a beautiful courtyard filled with sculptures and a wall of tile work. Their entire day was so uniquely them, so unforgivingly Joey and Kristen…I was drowning in it. After we walked around we met up with our fellow mates and headed out for lunch - continued to reminisce over our glory days and talk about the plans for the day.

Getting ready was easy, everyone was surrounded by friends and family who lifted them up with laughs and hugs. The entire day was so joyous and excitement sparked the air around us. When we got to Kristen’s suite her bouquets had arrived. Now let me tell you about these flowers - I have never in my life felt so overwhelmed by flowers but the work that Hannah with Madly in Love Blooms does is just…there are no words. I got to know Hannah a tiny bit before the wedding because I instagram stalked her and every piece of work that she does is fully original and customized to her brides. I’ve never felt so untalented than standing next to her, she has such an eye and such a craft that is immeasurable. After ogling and drooling over her flowers we watched as Kristen got her makeup done and get all dolled up in her stunning lace gown from Unbridaled in Austin that left everyone speechless. Her jewelry was a mix of heirlooms and a banging ear cuff that was her mother’s from the 80’s - drooling over it still. We walked down the Riverwalk for all of the portraits with her closest friends and family, with Kristen being congratulated and fawned over the entire way (which was probably my favorite part because she looked amazing!!). I can’t begin to explain how many laughs and stories were told during this time, it was such a blast to photograph these women. The first look went off without a hitch and a big “damn you look good” from her darling husband to be - ending in a tiny bravery shot for them both. The ceremony was a short dedication to their love, tears were shed (by me because I am an emotional mess when love is involved) and we went off for the best reception ever.

Luckily I had an amazing second shooter that completely took over for their reception so I could boogie down with my longtime friends - HUGE shoutout to Nicole because you are everyone’s hero for doing this. There was dancing, drinks, the most AMAZING cake and so much laughter. Even thinking about it all just brings the biggest grin on my face, all of their best people around them to witness their astounding love.

Congratulations to my darling, dearest friends - I am so friggin excited and proud of you both!!