An elopement in the hills || Marshal + Amy

Marshal and Amy are two peas in a freaking pod. When I was looking for two, madly in love people for this elopement - they stepped forward and I couldn’t have imagined any two more perfect people. Run on sentence, I know, but I like to break rules.

Back to these two though…Amy volunteered her and Marshal as models for this styled elopement and her reason is something I always hate to hear.

They have ZERO photos of their wedding - none, other than phone/family photos that their guests took. So I knew I had to give them images to make up for those lost moments. They ran through brush, danced for me, and gave piggy back rides. They also shared quiet moments, told each other of how much they loved each other and were so openly intimate. After 8 years of marriage, I hope everyone still has this overflowing type of love too. This day was perfectly crafted by some really amazing vendors, who came together and made dreams come true. The table/designs were done by none other than Stephanie Childers of Jordan Events. Her vision and dedication to this workshop is something I will never forget. Stephanie and I have worked together before during weddings and she is a force - making sure everything is perfect and on time. She contacted the amazing Ellen Maddox with Her.editary Hair and Makeup, and she DELIVERED. The makeup was PERFECT, stayed on through all of the sweat and hiking we did - and her hair was straight out of a freaking magazine. Ellen is magic, and her skills are something I gawk over every time I look at these images. We also had Raine Calligraphy do the name placards on geode rocks - I mean how amazing right?! Her work is absolutely mesmerizing and so romantic. She came and just blew all of my dreams out of the water. The florals were done by the amazing Patti Gibson of Fussy Chicks and her work is something I always look forward to seeing. I wanted her to have full freedom to create, and she did so much more than I could have imagined. There is a reason she is the best in town. The bouquet blew me away, filled with roses and berries…the most amazing smells in the world. The centerpiece had the same florals but with a little added mix of feather. I could go on for days and days about how none of this would have been possible without all of these amazing people, banding together to create a canvas for our art. This is why it’s so important to have a team of people, who have a vision and a talent and want to give you their best. So thank you to you amazing women, making dreams a reality.