Miller Wedding at Sabrina Cedars || HEAVEN

IT’S SATURDAY and I am so excited!!! I am finally getting the Miller wedding up for you guys and it’s a freaking good one. I say that about every wedding…but they just keep getting better and better. So buckle up, grab a coffee/tea, and let’s look at some wedding photos.

When I am going into a consultation for a wedding, I always have one main goal. Do we click? Can we hang and tell stories and be awkward around each other? When I met Emily and Taylor, it took me a total of 10 seconds to come to the conclusion that yes…these were my people. These two people radiate kindness and warmth, I felt at home with them. I think that’s how it feels to be in their world though - it was evident on their wedding day. Each person they came in contact with was brought into a warm hug, a big smile, and a lot of love. Emily spent her morning surrounded by friends and family members who constantly doted on her, and if that isn’t a brides dream - I don’t know what is. Taylor had all of his friends and family surrounding him as well, telling jokes and keeping spirits high.

Their venue, Sabrina Cedars, is a FREAKING DREAM. The tall ceilings, the white walls, the exposed beams…everything about that place is absolutely breath taking. Ashley Pyle was hands on during the day, always checking in to make sure each detail was perfect for Taylor and Emily. It’s such a good feeling, knowing the venue owners have your best interests and are just as excited for your marriage as you are. On top of an amazing venue, they had the brilliant Fussy Chicks as their florist - when I say Patti is one of the greats, I mean it. Every piece she creates is gorgeous, and she kills it every time. When I hear that she is going to be the florist I always get extra excited, her bouquets are always so unique. With a team like them - you know it’s going to be good. Gorgeous florals, stunning venue, a cake from heaven (shout out to Market Street for satisfying taste buds all night) and a most magical love…a perfect combination for an amazing wedding.

I’ll stop rambling now so you can look at these images - but I just don’t think I am ready to be done with this one. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Miller.