San Antonio weddings have my whole heart

THIS FREAKING WEDDING RIGHT HERE - it was an absolute dream!! It’s almost as if Nicholas Sparks wrote novels based off of Holt and Hattie’s relationship…I can’t even handle how beautiful these two people are.

Holt and Hattie were made for each other through and through, it’s the kind of relationship you dream of having as a little girl. They are both so aware of each other, so kind to each other and so considerate of each other. Every look they passed was filled with love and joy and followed with giggles. The best kind of love to surround yourself with on a hot summer day…I honestly could go on and on about how loving they are to each other. I learned a lot about Holt this weekend, like how his life’s goal is to visit every bbq joint in the great state of Texas, which honestly is a goal everyone should have. And I learned how fiercely he loves his family and they love him. Hattie is my cousin, so to be able to share this day with her and capture these huge memories was the biggest honor I could have. She is a born dancer (just look at those beautiful, delicate hands of hers!) so I knew photographing her would be amazing!!

Their ceremony was held at The First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, and goodness was it jaw dropping. Built in 1910, the cathedral towers above the trees that stand before it. Walking into the sanctuary was one of my favorite parts of the day. Stained glass on every wall, arches lining the ceiling, and complete silence - it moves a part of you. Their ceremony was traditional and exactly what each of them imagined it would be, there wasn’t a dry eye in the sanctuary. The reception was a different ball game, held at The Argyle which was built in 1859. There was a live jazz band complete with trumpets, flugel horns, saxophone and more…roaming the rooms of the home. It was the party to end the most perfect day. It honestly couldn’t get any better - except as they exited the sprawling estate - the entire reception sang the University of Texas fight song. DREAMS CAME TRUE…surrounded by love and friendship. I know these two lovebirds are going to have the most amazing stories to tell their children one day, and they will change the world. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. West, I am so excited to see what you do with your lives and love.